A Night Out in Iowa City

Anything can happen on a night out in Iowa City.

Life lessons can be learned, small businesses can thrive, and memories can be made. It is very easy to write off Iowa City as a town full of students who would rather drink than study. While there is certainly a party atmosphere at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, the majority of the students take their education very seriously.

However, everyone needs to let off some steam every once in a while. Iowa City’s vibrant nightlife provides UI students with the opportunity for new experiences. Some will be bad, some good, and some might inspire a small business. This post will explore different perspectives of a night out in Iowa City.

Since the 21-ordinance passed in 2010, students have remarked an increased police presence in the downtown and residential areas of Iowa City. Students have complained that the ordinance and the increased police presence have taken the fun out of Iowa City nightlife, and allow the police to abuse their power. Sergeant Lolla of the Iowa City Police Department defends the actions of the police as measures to keep  students safe, even from themselves.

Iowa City Police Sergeant Lolla

Marco’s Grilled Cheese Stand in synonymous with Iowa City nightlife. The stand was actually started by a UI alum after graduating over 10 years ago. Since then, the stand’s popularity has grown and spawned other small businesses and food stands downtown. Mike, a longtime employee of Marco’s, and UI alum explains the stand’s significance to the downtown atmosphere.

While it can certainly be problematic at times, nightlife is an important part of the college experience. It is an opportunity for students to meet new people, and become comfortable in new social situations. The bar scene can also give students the chance to take their minds off the stresses of school.

The bar crawl is a popular college tradition that brings friends and strangers together in celebration. The student employees of The Hub in the Iowa Memorial Union planned a bar crawl to celebrate one last time before the senior employees graduated.

A University of Iowa Bar Crawl