About the challenge

When I transferred to The University of Iowa before my junior year my roommate and I planned to make a list of all the bars in downtown Iowa City, and make sure we went to all of them at least once during the year that we lived together. Then life happened, and we never made the list and spent the year going to the same couple bars every weekend. This idea came up again in conversation recently and it reminded my friends and I that our time in Iowa City is quickly coming to an end.

Every year the UI is listed among the top party schools in the country, and that status is due to the insanely large number of bars that are on top of each other all over downtown. For this blog I will patronize and then write about each and every one of them. I don’t claim to be an expert of all things bar related, but I am a student who likes to go to the bars on the weekend with his friends. I know when I’m having a good time and when I’m not.

My hope for this blog as the semester progresses is that I can create a guide of sorts for other students and Iowa City visitors. Maybe it will inspire people to check out a bar they never thought they would go to, or maybe they will just laugh about how they too have been escorted off the dance floor at Union for, “going too hard.” Who knows? I’m up for the challenge and I hope others will read along with me.

But first, I still need to figure out just how many bars are actually in the downtown area…I know it’s about 30 but with bars opening and closing every year there is no accurate count anywhere on the internet. I will update when I come to an official number.


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