fieldhouse-294x220Even though it had to be done for financial reasons, changing locations was probably the best thing to happen to Fieldhouse. For me, Fieldhouse and Union were basically the same bar. Very large, multiple bars, dance floors, extremely filthy, and at times just downright trashy.  However, since it has moved to its current location next to Dc’s the bars reputation has greatly improved.

As the space decreased the quality of service has definitely increased. People used to complain all the time about the door men and bartenders at the old location for being rude and inattentive. The people that work at the new location are friendly, and don’t make you wait too long at the bar. There is still a dance floor, which is often crowded with people. One of my favorite times to people watch are when drunk people decide to dance on the elevated area around the dance floor. Personally, I would be too self conscious to dance on top of everyone like that, but the people that do put on quite a show.

My only complaint about Fieldhouse is the layout. For some reason there is a huge barrier immediately after you walk in that takes up entirely too much space, and forces you to go left or right. Because the bar is so popular it gets very busy later at night and it is often hard to walk around. If that barrier could be removed it would provide a lot more space and make it easier to move around.

Fieldhouse is a great bar to celebrate birthdays at because they offer 21 pitchers for $25 dollars during the week of someone’s birthday. During FAC they offer $3 pitchers of beer and mixed drinks. Fieldhouse also, in my opinion, makes the best vodka red bulls in Iowa City. They are the best because they are the biggest. However, it would be a mistake to drink more than one…a big mistake.


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