How To: Bar Crawl T-Shirts

Bar crawls have been ingrained in the college tradition for…I know absolutely no idea but a very long time. The most common I have seen are for 21st birthdays or club events. In my experience the most stressful part is making a t-shirt.

Over the last few years countless new websites have been put out that specifically cater to college bar crawls. Some are complicated to navigate and others do not offer enough options. Friends of mine recommended to me recently and I was very happy with the seamless process and wanted to share it with all the ICBarChallenge followers.

The website makes it easy to create events, design shirts, and invite your friends all from one central page. The shirt design process is very easy to navigate with many different options for shirt quality and fit, fonts, images and designs, as well as colors.

After you have designed your shirt the website offers an instant quote so you know before you place any orders how much the shirt will cost you and your friends. After you design and create an event home page you can invite your friends to the bar crawl through email and social media.

While the process in the video has been shortened, the entire process for a recent job bar crawl took less than 25 minutes to set up, including the design process and inviting co-workers.

Spring is finally breaking, and finals are just about six weeks away! A bar crawl with your extended group of friends is a great way to celebrate the end of the school year. Check out the video and for tips!


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