Hala Hala Hookah

The overwhelming number of bars in Iowa City can make it seem like drinking is the only thing to do. However, not all University of Iowa students like to drink, and those that do don’t every weekend. They might be hard to find, but Iowa City does offer alternative places for students to spend time with friends on the weekends. One of those places is Hala Hala Hookah, one of Iowa City’s two hookah lounges.

Two University of Iowa students, Amy Skarnulis and Kelly Loch enjoy going to Hala Hala Hookah with friends for the relaxed cultural environment and atmosphere.

“It’s a nice break from the bars,” Skarnulis said. “It’s more chill, I like the vide and there’s less people coming in and out.”

The environment is so relaxed, Loch suggested it as an easy place to study.

“Sometimes you can bring your computer here and the WIFI is nice. You can type a paper and just hang out with your friends.”

Hala Hala Hookah is located at 327 S. Gilbert in Iowa City, and is open seven days a week. It is the largest of the two hookah lounges in the city, and offers over 40 different flavors of tobacco. The lounge does not serve alcohol but guests are allowed to bring their own alcohol with a $5 corking fee for wine. They do sell imported sodas from around the world.

Even though alcohol is allowed in Hala Hala Hookah it is a far cry from the craziness of Union or Brothers. If drinking is not your thing, or you want to explore other ways to have fun in college without drinking, a hookah lounge offers a new and interesting cultural experience.


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