martinisMartinis has set itself apart from the other bars in Iowa City, but in a way that works for them. While they do have a daily happy hour, they do not offer specials that are meant to bring in patrons en masse. Because of this their clientele appears to be mostly upperclassmen, and the bar is never too crowded that you cannot enjoy yourself.

One of Martinis’ best features is it’s beer garden. Durning the late spring, summer, and fall months the beer garden is open with plenty of seating and is lit up at night. Even though it is next to an alley that can smell in the heat, it is a great atmosphere to sit, drink and eat pizza with a group of friends.

Even though there are no specials, it does not mean that you cannot drink at Martinis on a budget. The bar offers more than 20 martinis at $7. Most of their beer is $3 or $4 and their mixed drinks are usually about $5, depending on the type of alcohol you order. The daily happy hour, which ends at 7 p.m., offers half priced martinis, $3 wells, $4 domestic pitchers, and $2 domestic draughts and bottles. However, if you have money to blow you can order bottle service and reserve the VIP area in the front of the bar. I have only seen people in the VIP area a few times, and they definitely felt a lot cooler than they looked.

The biggest downside to Martinis are the bathrooms. Even with its bottle service, VIP area, and $7 martinis, Martinis is still a college bar and the bathrooms are always disgusting. It is not uncommon to find vomit all over the floor( it will be there all night), or an overflowing toilet.


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