dcs-1If I had to choose the best bar in Iowa City for daily and FAC specials it would be DC’s. While some bars are completely empty until the sun goes down, DC’s is consistently busy throughout the day with people eating and drinking. The bar is also attractive because of its balcony levels and Chicago theme.

When I stayed in Iowa City over the summer my friends and I always ended up at DC’s in the afternoons for their Everyday Happy Hour Special. From 4-8 p.m. domestic steins are $4 and premium steins are only $4.25. There is nothing better than sitting outside with a stein of Blue Moon on a warm summer afternoon.

On Fridays during FAC it is pretty much a given that DC’s is going to be extremely packed, almost to the point that it will be hard to walk around. However, the $4 fishbowls are worth it. If you can think it, you can drink it; whatever alcohol and soft drink combination you can imagine the bartenders will make for you, and they are extremely generous in their pours. I usually get a long island fishbowl because for the amount of alcohol it is the most cost efficient. After learning my lesson the hard way too many times I recommend only ordering one long island fishbowl and then switching to $3 domestic steins for the rest of the night.

My only complaint about DC’s is their men’s bathrooms are ridiculously unkept. For some reason there are only two small bathrooms for men so  lines are common and you regret waiting once you see the state the bathroom is in. However, on the plus side there is always free popcorn!


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