shareI don’t feel like too many University of Iowa student think of Share when they are looking for a fun place to go and grab a few drinks. Located in the Sheraton Hotel just off the Pedmall, Share is a nice restaurant with quality food and drinks. It is also pretty expensive. However, their “Fridays with Class” drink and food specials make it more reasonable for college students on a budget.

Most of the bars in Downtown Iowa City have “Friday After Class” specials to bring patrons into the bars earlier and to spend more money. When Share opened it decided to follow suit, but took a different approach. “Fridays with Class” has $4 glasses of wine and $12 bottles of wine. There is also a menu of mixed drinks and small plates that are half price and extremely delicious.

My favorite time to go to FWC is in the early fall or late spring when you can sit outside on the patio overlooking the Pedmall. I have never been to Share during FWC or normal hours when it was too crowded or the service was too slow. The servers are always friendly, and many of them are students at the University.

I would definitely recommend Share and FWC if you were looking for a more relaxed and upscale beginning to your Friday night. It is also the perfect place if your parents are in town. Sometimes we all need a break of the regular craziness that is the Iowa City bar scene, and Share is definitely the answer to that problem.


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