pints 2There is something to be said about Pints. Some bars in Iowa City, it would seem, have made the decision to ignore basic customer service. Most likely, they know college students will keep coming back whether or not they feel like they are being taken care of, or being provided an experience. However, this has not been my experience with Pints. Effort and quality are two words that come to mind when I think about the bar and its patrons.

Whenever I go to Pints there are a few things I have come to expect. The bar doesn’t ever charge cover, so it is always packed. Pints is not a very large space, it is deep but not wide and moving around is very hard after 11 p.m. Basically the bar is like a long hallway, and you will constantly be moving to let people through, or excusing yourself as you interrupt conversations to get to the other side of the bar. However, this is really the only drawback in my opinion.

Once you get to the bar, even when it is extremely busy, the wait time for a bartender’s attention is never long. From what I have seen there are usually more than three bartenders working at the same time, with the same amount of bar backs. The staff is collectively dressed up, good looking, and looks like they are enjoying themselves. I never feel annoyed about tipping the bartenders at Pints.

The last thing I know I can expect when I go to Pints is that the crowd is going to look good. Call it superficial, but as someone who puts some effort into how they look before they go out, I appreciate being around other people who do the same. I also get the feeling that the majority of patrons are upperclassmen. Even though it is a college bar, I get a more mature vibe from the crowd.

So whether you are already a Pints fan or not, I would recommend that everyone check it out. Besides the great service, and well-dressed patrons the bar has twelve 42” flat screens for constant sports entertainment, and a “Bring Your Own Food” concept. You could literally order a Falbo’s pizza to the bar if you wanted. That’s awesome.


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